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Music Notes: Late Edition, Aug 16 2010


Grant Lawrence (Radio 3 host, Smuggler) is about to release his first book called “Adventures in Solitude” and the cover has just been revealed!  (above)

Hear Danny Masterson (DJ Mom Jeans, That 70s Show) remix Broken Social Scene. Spinner

Watch the new Two Hours Traffic video for Happiness Burns. MM

Watch Analog Bell Service cover Dan Mangan’s Road Regrets. Youtube

Hannah Georgas announces tour dates with Royal Wood!

Watch Aidan Knight perform for Southern Souls.

Watch Dojo Workhorse performing acoustically. Calgary Is Awesome

After arriving in Toronto, Scott Pilgrim director, Edgar Wright, gets the royal music treatment from some Toronto musicians. Spinner

All Tomorrow’s Parties curators, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, announces final acts for this year’s Nightmare Before Christmas event. E Festivals

Los Campesinos! lead singer suffers multiple injuries after his stage dive went awry. Exclaim!

Hear new Kid Cudi tracks: Pitchfork


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